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Knee Sleeve

January 30, 2013 @ 1:00 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Knee Sleeve

A basic knee sleeve is a fine treatment option for mild knee pain.  Arthritis, mild strain, mild sprain, mild swelling…a simple knee sleeve can help a lot.  The warmth and compression will make your knee feel better.

It’s not going to work miracles.  If there’s a fracture, or a tear, or years worth of wear and tear your expectations must be reasonable.  But if you are looking for a treatment option to wear when you play racquetball, basketball or baseball – a simple knee sleeve is worth trying.

This is a simple treatment option for knee pain that doesn’t require a trip to the doctor, surgery, medications, or a prescription.

A quality knee sleeve will be constructed from orthopedic grade neoprene, have some type of nylon liner and be washable.  These knee braces must be washed or they can get real funky.  Imagine exercising over and over again in the same pair of socks without washing them.  Yup – same thing.


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Patella Stabilizer – The Lateral J

January 27, 2013 @ 1:35 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Lateral J

Patella Stabilizers come in different shapes and sizes.  The patella (knee cap) is a slippery bugger.  Sometimes it slides, sometimes it glides, sometimes it tilts.  Regardless of how the knee cap is misbehaving, the end result is usually the same – knee pain.

A Lateral J is for a specific patella tracking issue.  This patella stabilizer is designed to capture the knee cap and pull it into position.  The knee brace grabs the knee cap from the outside of the leg (lateral side) and pulls it inward – back to where the knee cap is supposed to be.

A Lateral J mimics taping – like what an athletic trainer would do.  Patients with knee cap pain like this type of knee brace because they have the ability to control how far and how strong to pull their patella.  A Lateral J is an adjustable treatment option that the patient can control.



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Jumper’s Knee Brace

January 24, 2013 @ 1:26 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Jumper’s Knee Band


Anterior knee pain, or knee pain in the front of your knee is often a result of patella tendonitis.  The pain usually appears under the knee cap on the front of the leg.  This is an overuse injury.

It is called “Jumper’s Knee” because children often times get it from playing too much basketball.  A knee band or knee strap can help prevent the pain along with rehabilitative exercises, and stretching.  Ice and cold therapy can be effective as well.

The key in utilizing a knee band to treat jumper’s knee is to make sure the knee band or strap is being worn before the pain sets in.  The knee band helps prevent swelling.  Once the pain appears the knee strap will be of little use.  It’s like going out in the sun, getting burned, and then putting on sunscreen.




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Hinged Brace

January 21, 2013 @ 1:14 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Wrap Around Hinged Brace

Looking for a quality wrap around hinged knee brace that is comfortable and inexpensive?  We have what you’re looking for.

Perforated neoprene makes this knee brace breathable and hinges provide protection and stability.  This knee brace has an anterior closure – meaning it opens and closes in the front.

This hinged brace is appropriate for treating meniscal tears, mild ligament strains and sprains, joint swelling, and it will provide warmth and compression for an arthritic knee.


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Post Op Knee Brace

January 18, 2013 @ 1:06 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Post Operative Knee Brace

Are you a practitioner looking for a simple, effective, and inexpensive post-op knee brace?  Look no further.

This post op brace comes in 17″ or 26″ lengths, the foam can be trimmed, and the range-of-motion hinges with flexion and extension stops are polcentric.

How about $49.99?  You can order one right now with a credit card – just create an account with Heritage Medical Equipment.  Do you want to order more than one, and be billed with 30 day terms?  Yup – we can do that too.  Maybe even get you a discount.

Let us know.  800-762-9605




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Knee Immobilizer

January 15, 2013 @ 1:55 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Knee Immobilizer

Knee immobilizers are a type of brace that hospitals love to overcharge for.  These are simple orthopedic devices designed to keep the leg locked in full extension.  These knee braces do not have hinges that bend.  They have metal bars or aluminum struts that prevent the knee from bending.  Knee immobilizers are usually applied before or after surgery and are not designed to be worn for extended periods of time.

A simple type of orthopedic felt or neoprene hold the bars in place and the entire brace is suspended on the leg with a series of straps.  These braces are generally long because a long lever arm is required to keep the knee from bending.

Hospitals should charge between $25 ad $100 for a knee immobilizer.




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A Knee Brace for an ACL Sprain

January 12, 2013 @ 1:41 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Sometimes all that is needed is a simple, basic knee brace.  Did you hurt your knee?  Think you sprained something important – like your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)?  You should go to the doctor, get an X-Ray or an MRI, and be properly diagnosed.  What?  You don’t have the time?  No insurance?  Stubborn?  You’re smart enough to diagnose yourself?

Whatever your reason for not going to the doctor, or the emergency room, or the athletic trainer – know you’re making a mistake.  The knee is a complicated joint – it slides, turns, and glides.  However if you insist on trying to buy something on-line to treat your knee pain a basic knee brace is a good place to start.

The orthopedic neoprene will provide warmth and compression, and the hinges will provide protection and stability.  A knee brace like this is appropriate for minor strains and sprains and will make your knee feel better.

An ACL brace constructed of carbon graphite or aluminum will offer significantly more protection and stability but if you can’t afford one, or don’t have desire to be treated by a doctor a hinged brace constructed from neoprene is a pretty good choice.



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Knee Contracture Brace

January 9, 2013 @ 12:37 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Contracture Knee Brace

Flexion contractures often times present in patients with spinal cord injuries, head trauma, or people that have had strokes.  Also people with Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson’s Disease, or Multiple Sclerosis can also suffer from contractures.

As the immobility that presents with conditions listed above gets worse, the state of being motionless becomes as much of a problem as the disease or health problem.  When muscles aren’t used they lose strength, shrink, and become difficult to use.  Losing just a small degree of range-of-motion in any limb can have a negative cascading effect on a person’s overall health.  As a person becomes less mobile, that person’s quality of life decreases.

A knee contracture brace is designed to prevent the knee joint from losing range-of-motion by providing constant, gentle resistance.  Patients with contractures need to be as active and upright as much as possible.


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Easy Arthritis Knee Brace


An inexpensive treatment option worth trying for knee osteoarthritis is a neoprene support brace.  The Easy Arthritis Knee Brace pictured above is designed for people with osteoarthritis knee pain.

People with osteoarthritis in their knees often times also have arthritis in their fingers.  Poor finger dexterity or poor finger strength makes pulling knee braces up a swollen leg difficult.  So this arthritis knee brace is designed to make putting the brace on and taking it off as easy as possible.

The top half of the brace opens wide, and pull loops give patients a place to hook their fingers through.  These two features make this brace much easier to pull on than a typical neoprene sleeve.  The bottom half is closed to provide a snug fit and make positioning the knee brace as simple as possible.

Hinges provide protection and stability, and orthopedic grade neoprene provides warmth and compression.  This knee brace will provide comfort and strength to an aching, arthritic knee joint without medications, surgeries, or injections.

The Easy Arthritis Knee Brace is available in sizes Extra Small to 4X Large. Learn more about the Easy Arthritis Knee Brace by clicking the link.

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