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Knee Sleeve – Care

June 28, 2013 @ 2:21 am posted by Brace and Support Help
Knee Sleeve

Knee Sleeve


Golf?  Tennis?  Walking on the board walk?  Going on a hike?  If you are a person that will be getting some exercise this summer and wearing a knee brace, here are some tips to help you be more comfortable and reduce your knee pain.

First, make sure your knee sleeve fits.  If the brace is too tight, you can cut off circulation.  If the knee sleeve is too loose, you will not be getting the beneficial circumferential pressure that provides protection and stability.  The knee sleeve should be snug.  And you should be able to easily slip a finger between the neoprene and your skin.

Second, wash the brace after wearing it.  All sorts of cool bacteria can start to grow in your brace if you don’t properly care for it.  Imagine wearing the same pair of socks over and over again without washing them.  Same thing.  Wash your brace in the sink using a mild soap, and let it air dry.  This will help keep your skin from breaking into a rash.

Third, get a new knee sleeve.  A basic knee sleeve should last about one year if you are wearing it regularly.  If your knee brace is torn, frayed, or worn out – replace it!

Click the link to get a new knee sleeve:  $16.05




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Carpal Tunnel Brace

June 25, 2013 @ 1:56 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Carpal Tunnel Brace

It’s summer – is your wrist brace kind of funky?  It’s only going to get worse.

So you wear a wrist brace for carpal tunnel.  That’s great.  A good wrist brace will absolutely help reduce your carpal tunnel pain.  The wrist brace works by “cocking up” the wrist into a position that relieves pressure and reduces pain.  That’s why wrist braces used for carpal tunnel are often called “cock -up splints”.  Stop snickering and pay attention.  For pain relief to be achieved in regards to carpal tunnel all you need is a splint that positions the wrist.  You don’t need a big, bulky neoprene  brace with metal stays and supports – especially in the summer.

Look at the brace pictured above.  Fantastic.  It’s cool, comfortable, and refreshing – like a cold lemonade on a hot day.  Smell the brace you’re currently wearing.  Go ahead – I dare you.  Have you ever washed your hands wearing your wrist brace?  How did that work out for you?  Learn more by clicking on this link for the low profile carpal tunnel brace.  $24.99.

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New Walking Boot!

June 22, 2013 @ 10:34 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Pediatric Walking Boot

This is a brand new pediatric walking boot available at the Heritage Medical Equipment web site.  This pediatric foot and ankle brace is the latest technology available for children in regards to orthopedic fracture boots.

This plaster cast alternative is indicated for:

  • Post Injury
  • Post Operative
  • Grade 1,2,3 Ankle Sprains
  • Stable Fractures
  • Internally Fixed Fractures

This pediatric walking boot is comfortable, lightweight, and durable.  Click here to learn more about this pediatric walking boot.

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Boxers Fracture Splint

June 20, 2013 @ 10:24 am posted by Brace and Support Help
Boxer Fracture Splint

Boxer Fracture Splint


Did you, or someone you know break a pinky?  That is called a Boxer’s Fracture.  Most of the time this results when someone punches something harder than their little finger.

A Boxer’s fracture splint is a great treatment option for a broken 5th metacarpal (pinky).  The brace can be removed or worn during showering and swimming.  It can also be removed to wash and dry it.  A plaster cast in the summer can get pretty funky.

The brace pictured above can be ordered in the neutral (flat) or intrinsic position (pre-bent).  Click on this link to learn more:  Boxer Fracture Splint  .

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Elbow Hyperextension Brace

June 7, 2013 @ 4:12 pm posted by Brace and Support Help


The adult elbow hyperextension brace is now available on the Heritage Medical Equipment website.  Click here for more information about the elbow hyperextension brace.

This Hyperextension Elbow Brace is constructed of 3/16″ neoprene with a 2-sided nylon covering.  Criss-cross straps control elbow hyperextension.

This elbow brace is designed to control range-of-motion and help prevent hyperextension.  This brace will also help relieve elbow pain with compression, padding and warmth to the elbow joint.  This elbow support is anatomically designed for a custom fit.
The brace comes in a standard color of black, other colors are available but require three additional days to ship.

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