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Hinged Brace

February 24, 2014 @ 6:25 pm posted by Brace and Support Help


There are many types of knee braces available over the internet.  To order with hinges, or without hinges, that is the question.

Basic Knee Brace

Basic Knee Brace

Hinges provide protection and stability.  So if your knee is buckling, or wobbly, or weak then hinges are probably the way to go.  It’s important for the hinges to be strong enough to protect and stabilize your knee.  Aluminum, titanium, and steel alloys are all proper materials for hinges – stay away from plastic!  Generally speaking, you should opt for a longer hinge.  A longer hinge provides a longer lever arm.  This helps control the knee better and disperses pressure over a wider surface area to make the knee brace more comfortable.  If you are trying to unload the knee joint, like in cases of osteoarthritis, a strong hinge is a must.  A single hinge is the anchor of the three point pressure system used to achieve unloading and knee pain relief.   As a rule hinges must be covered to play any type of sport.  A hinged brace is appropriate for young athletes, weekend warriors, professional sports, or simple activities of daily living.  The hinges can provide you with enough confidence so you can stop wondering if your knee is going to give out every other step.

Knee Sleeve

Knee Sleeve

Knee sleeves are appropriate when you have a little something going on but you’re not exactly sure what it is.  A dull ache, maybe a little sprain.  Knee sleeves provide warmth and compression, and a little protection and stability.  A knee sleeve without hinges, straps, buckles, or buttresses is a good place to start if you’re not ready to go to the doctor, or you’re waiting for an appointment.  The warmth and compression will increase blood flow to your knee which is good for several reasons.  A knee brace like this will fit well under clothing and generally be inexpensive.

The knee is a complicated joint.  If you’re having problems going to see a doctor is your best bet.


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Lateral Release Surgery

February 12, 2014 @ 4:01 pm posted by Brace and Support Help
The best conservative treatment.

The best conservative treatment.


Has your doctor recommended a lateral release surgery for your knee cap?  There are over 300 surgeries for a knee cap that isn’t tracking properly.  Patella femoral syndrome is a common problem among serious athletes and weekend warriors.

Knee surgery should be a last resort.  Most doctors will recommend a conservative treatment before scheduling patients for surgery.  Taping is often effective for a knee cap that isn’t tracking properly.  But tape can get expensive, and skin breakdown is always a problem.

The Shields brace is one of the best conservative treatment options you can try for a patella tracking issue.  It is highly adjustable to accommodate a wide range of patella tracking problems.  It is easy to put on, and easy to learn how to use.  This is an inexpensive alternative to drugs, surgery or taping.  If taping worked to relieve your knee pain, then the Shields brace is probably the best option for you.  The knee brace mimics the tape an athletic trainer would apply to your knee.

Click this link:  Shields Brace to learn more about this knee brace, watch instructional videos or to purchase.



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