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Knee Taping Alternative

August 20, 2014 @ 3:44 pm posted by Brace and Support Help


The best conservative treatment.

The best conservative treatment.

If you tape your knee this post is worth reading.  Knee taping is effective, but it can be expensive.  Also the effects never last that long.  Tape gets loose.  Tape can also irritate the skin.

The Shields brace is a patella tracking knee brace that is designed to mimic knee taping.  A special buttress grabs the knee cap and holds it in place.  This is a low profile knee brace that is easy to wear and easy to use.

Shields Brace Instructional Video

Knee caps glide and slide, they can tilt and rotate.  The goal of knee taping is to stop knee pain.  The Shields brace accomplishes knee pain relief by letting the person wearing the brace adjust and fine tune the positioning of the buttress exactly where it needs to be.  How will you know exactly where the knee brace needs to be positioned?  Easy, adjust the buttress until the pain is relieved. The Shields brace can be purchased at the Heritage Medical Equipment website.

If you are a therapy clinic, doctor’s office, or athletic training facility we can open an account for you with the manufacturer (Hely & Weber) and set you up with terms and discounts.


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