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The XLS Ankle Brace is a new ankle brace that provides unprecedented ankle stability.  This is a two-piece design.  A flexible foot plate easily slips into a sneaker to anchor the brace with a solid base.  The lace up ankle section is applied to the foot.  The foot slips into the shoe and is attached with external straps.  This brace is designed for the ankle that is continually getting sprained or injured.

This video does a great job explaining what this brace is all about.

Learn more about the XLS Ankle Brace.

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A New Knee Brace for Osteoarthritis

November 3, 2014 @ 2:49 pm posted by Brace and Support Help


This is an interesting knee brace for osteoarthritis.

The Stride OA is universal in size.   It fits thigh circumferences up to 30″ (76 cm) and calves with circumferences up to 23″ (58 cm).  The universal sizing aspect is impressive, but what’s interesting is that the hinge on this brace is always on the lateral aspect of the leg.  The hinge is always on the outside regardless of what compartment of the knee is affected by osteoarthritis.  If the pain is on the inside or on the outside of the knee the hinge is always lateral.  This means zero medial interference.  The hinge never has to rub against the other leg.  Brilliant!

Coreflex calls it the “Q Hinge”.  An allen wrench is used to position the hinge to offer either medial or lateral correction.  If the arthritis is on the inside of the knee, the hinge is positioned to “push” the joint space open.  If it’s lateral compartment OA the hinge is positioned to “pull” the joint space open.  Really great stuff!

This brace is easy to wear.  Once the hinge is adjusted patients only need to position the brace on their leg and buckle four straps.  The buckles are worth mentioning.  Most unloading knee braces come with D-Rings.  People with arthritis in their knees can feel it in their fingers as well.  Stiff fingers have an easier time with buckles than looping velcro tabs through a narrow metal ring.

This knee brace should be fit by someone who knows what they’re doing.  The hinge adjustment will relieve the knee pain caused by OA, but if it’s adjusted incorrectly it could quite possibly make the pain worse!  So this isn’t a do-it-at-home project.  The Stride OA should be fit by a qualified medical professional, like a certified orthotist.

 The Stride OA is easy to wear, easy to fit, and easy to stock.

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