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The ProCare Knee Ranger comes in two lengths and can be trimmed for a customized fit for any patient under a size 36″ thigh circumference. The cost to you are $41.50 for the short and $49.50 for the long. The L-code is L-1832.



post op

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Post Op Knee Brace L-1832

March 20, 2015 @ 12:38 pm posted by admin


 The Contender Post-Op Knee Brace features a simple and precise adjustment system to minimize fit time after surgery, and at 27 oz., the brace is one of the lightest post-op knee braces available. The X-Flex™ cuff system significantly reduces brace migration by contouring around the leg for maximum contact. Telescoping cuffs extend to the malleolus, slip-resistant liners and custom-bendable aluminum uprights make the Contender Post-Op a brace that stays in place for all-day comfort.

The hinge features a six position drop lock that fixes the brace from -10° to 40° in 10° increments. Controlled range of motion is available from -10° to 110° and is easily set using flexion and extension finger-touch buttons. ZipTrak™ telescoping system facilitates length adjustment from 18” to 26” in just seconds and can be fine-tuned in increments as small as 1/8” to avoid unwanted pressure on incision sites.

This brace Brace features an easy-to-fit closure system with trimmable straps, QuikZip™ buckles and graduated ZipTrak™ telescoping uprights promoting a precise fit to every patient. Lightweight, custom-bendable, aircraft grade, aluminum uprights are notched to assist in contouring. Latex free foam liners assist with soft tissue containment and helps reduce brace migration.

The Contender Post Op Knee Brace is available on the Heritage Medical Equipment website for under $100. Click this link to learn more about this post op knee brace.

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Warm and Form Back Braces

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Warm and Form Back Support

A warm and form back brace is a lumbar support with moldable panels that get “warmed” so they can be “formed” to each person’s lower back. The moldable panel gets hot enough to become malleable, so it’s not a do-it-yourself project. A medical professional like an orthotist, physical therapist, or certified brace fitter should do the “warming” and “forming”.

The advantage of a warm and form back brace is custom support. The disadvantage is that once molded, the insert cannot be molded again.

Bulging discs, chronic and acute strains, degenerative disc disease, herniated dics, mechanical back pain, spondylolisthesis, backache, back problems, lower back pain, and spondylosis are conditions commonly treated with a back brace.

An elastic belt provides compression and the heat-moldable insert gives support. The hard panel (insert) is contoured with heat to the lower back for a custom fit. The insert does not stay warm. Once the insert cools, it maintains the shape of the anatomy it was molded to. Hot water or a heat gun can be used for molding the insert. These back braces cannot be returned once the inserts are heated and molded.

Warm and Form back braces are usually prescribed by physicians who are not aware of the new types of back braces available. A back brace with a pulley system will work just as well in conforming to each patient’s unique anatomy as a warm + form – they are also less expensive. Warm and form back braces require a medical professional to heat the moldable insert to the point where the plastic becomes malleable.


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shoulder sling

A shoulder immobilizing sling can be used for the treatment of:

  • Clavicle Injury
  • Shoulder Sprains
  • Shoulder Strains
  • Rotator Cuff Injury
  • Cast Support
  • Forearm Injury
  • Wrist Injury
  • Elbow Injury
  • Upper Arm Injury


These slings need to be comfortable.  The one pictured above has a foam shoulder strap.  As far as arm slings are concerned, this is a big deal.  Most shoulder slings, especially the inexpensive ones, have some type of nylon strap with a small foam pad.  The foam pad usually slides around or doesn’t sit comfortably where it should.  Anybody who has worn a sling can tell you all about it.

The shoulder immobilizing sling from Hely & Weber (pictured above) solves that problem.  The entire strap is padded.  The shoulder strap is soft and feels nice against the skin.

$24,75 on the Heritage Medical Equipment website.  click for more information

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