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Basal Joint Arthritis Brace

August 25, 2015 @ 3:46 pm posted by Brace and Support Help


There’s a new thumb brace available to treat CMC Arthritis.  The CMC Arthritis Thumb Brace is a low-profile, light-weight alternative for treating the thumb pain associated with basal joint arthritis.

A person with CMC arthritis generally feels pain when they pinch their thumb and index finger together.  This action loads the CMC joint which causes the first metacarpal to move.  The movement is what causes the pain.  Why this new thumb brace is so great is that it doesn’t immobilize the thumb joint, which historically all the big, bulky thumb braces are designed to do, this new thumb brace stabilizes the CMC joint.  We don’t want to immobilize.  We want to prevent translation by stabilizing the 1st metacarpal.

The Push Metagrip CMC Thumb Brace uses dynamic stabilization to achieve pain relief.  This thumb brace is constructed of a pliable thermoplastic and an aluminum insert.  The key to this brace is molding the aluminum insert around the thumb once the brace is applied.  This basal joint arthritis brace will “settle” as the brace is worn, conforming to the hand.

If you are a hand therapist or occupational therapist looking to open an account with terms please contact Heritage Medical Equipment:  800-762-9605.

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Warm and Form Back Brace

August 7, 2015 @ 3:17 pm posted by Brace and Support Help

back support

The lumbar brace pictured above is an alternative to a traditional “warm and form” back brace.  Warm and Form back braces have been around for decades – old technology.  The warm and form consists of an elastic belt that provides compression, and a moldable insert for support.  The moldable insert is “warmed” and “formed” to the lower back of the person wearing the brace.  When the insert cools it becomes rigid.  This rigid support is customized once to the lower back, and only once.  So if a person wearing the back brace gains or loses any weight the rigid panel will not fit well, making the brace uncomfortable.

The back brace pictured above uses a pulley system for compression and support.  It is lighter, easier to use, and lower profile (less detectable under clothes).  This brace can accommodate for weight loss or weight gain.  It always provides conforming compression and support.

If your doctor prescribed a warm and form back brace please forward this post to them.  This warm and form alternative will do everything a traditional warm and form can but in a lighter, more adjustable, and lower profile support.

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