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Neoprene Undersleeve

November 23, 2015 @ 2:19 pm posted by Brace and Support Help


If you wear a knee brace for osteoarthritis or a knee brace for an ACL injury, a neoprene undersleeve can be very helpful.

Knee braces don’t rotate or migrate on the leg as much when used in conjunction with a neoprene undersleeve.  An undersleeve can also make a knee brace more comfortable by providing  a cushion between the knee brace and the thigh or calf.

A neoprene undersleeve should have little holes in it (perforated).  The perforations make the neoprene breathable so air can cool and dry the skin.  The little holes make the sleeve more comfortable to wear.

The liners of your knee brace will also be protected from sweat, dirt, and grime when used with an undersleeve.  This will make your knee brace last longer and make it more hygienic for extended use.

Click this link to learn more:   neoprene undersleeve.


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New Thumb Brace for CMC Arthritis

November 5, 2015 @ 1:02 am posted by Brace and Support Help

CMC Brace V

The CMC Arthritis Brace is a new alternative to treat the thumb pain associated with Basal Joint (CMC) arthritis.  This thumb brace is completely trimable and low-profile, so it is comfortable and easy to wear.  It leaves the wrist and fingers free for activities of daily living.

CMC Brace

CMC Arthritis Brace

This thumb brace positions the CMC joint to provide effective pain relief and improve thumb function.



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Hely & Weber – Global Knee

November 2, 2015 @ 12:27 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Global Knee III

The Global Knee is a new knee brace from Hely & Weber.  The Global Knee addresses pain and improves lives of people waiting to have their knees replaced.    The knee brace is designed with a hybrid wrap around format.  The calf section of the knee brace is closed while the thigh section is open and wraps around the leg.  This allows patients to adjust the size of the thigh portion of the knee brace to accommodate muscle changes throughout the day.

There is a removable Trakaderm “U” Buttress  that works in conjunction with a “Patella Sling” to allow for directional control of the patella and also offer a slight tilt adjustment if needed.  The Global Knee also comes with soft, oversized condyle pads to accommodate an inflamed or bulbous knee.

By controlling the patella in a more natural position in the superior femoral groove, patients can now manage end range gait and are able to go up and down stairs with less pain and more stability.

Global Knee IVClick to enlarge 

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