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CMC Arthritis Brace

January 23, 2016 @ 11:48 am posted by Brace and Support Help



The CMC Arthritis Thumb Brace is a low-profile and effective treatment option for thumb arthritis.  If it’s difficult for you to turn a doorknob or open a jar, this thumb brace can help.  This thumb splint is a conservative treatment for option thumb pain.  No drugs, no surgery.  This thumb brace works by positioning the thumb.  It places the thumb in a position that reduces pain and increases function.

This thumb brace comes in three sizes.  It is easy to wear and effective.

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OA Knee Brace for Golf

January 17, 2016 @ 11:19 am posted by Brace and Support Help


A knee brace for osteoarthritis can help with golf.  If knee pain from osteoarthritis is keeping you off the golf course, this unloading knee brace can help.  An unloading knee brace will provide warmth, compression, and some gentle pressure to a compromised knee joint.  Unloading knee braces are designed for people with Knee OA to help them buy some time before a knee replacement.  If you’re looking to postpone knee surgery and still golf, a knee brace like this may be your answer.

A knee brace for osteoarthritis can be more substantial than a simple neoprene sleeve.  An unloading knee brace is designed specifically for people with knee arthritis.

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Shoulder Immobilizing Sling

January 11, 2016 @ 11:13 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Shoulder Immobilizer

A shoulder immobilizing sling provides the support of an arm sling but adds a strap to immobilize the shoulder joint.  A shoulder immobilizer usually comes in different sizes with adjustable straps.

A shoulder sling like this is usually prescribed for clavicle injuries, shoulder sprains, rotator cuff injuries, cast support, and shoulder injuries.

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Knee Sleeves

January 5, 2016 @ 10:46 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Has your New Year’s resolution resulted in knee pain?  A knee sleeve is an inexpensive treatment option for knee pain.  A simple knee brace like a knee sleeve will provide warmth, compression, and some stability.

New year equals new health insurance deductible.  Knee sleeves are safe, inexpensive, and can be worn beneath clothing.  Click here to learn more about knee sleeves.



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