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Cast Sandals

October 3, 2016 @ 10:57 am posted by Brace and Support Help



A cast sandal, sometimes called a cast boot, is designed to protect plaster and fiberglass casts of the foot and ankle.  Foot casts help reduce or prevent foot pain, or accommodate healing.  Plaster and fiberglass foot casts see a lot of wear and tear.  A cast boot helps to protect floors from the cast, and the cast from dirt and moisture.

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Cast Sandal

December 8, 2012 @ 1:44 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Cast Sandal

A cast sandal or “cast boot” has a specific job – it helps protect the cast on your foot.  If you or a patient have had foot surgery or broke a bone – whatever the reason you have a cast on your foot to help ease your foot pain – a cast sandal will help keep the cast from getting nasty.  If you’ve ever worn a cast for any period of time you know they can get kind of funky pretty quick – especially when feet are involved.

Cast sandals will have slip resistant soles, and a rocker bottom will make walking a bit easier.  A cast sandal will usually have a canvas or nylon top.  Velcro straps are better than D-Rings.  This will make putting cast sandals on and taking them off easier.

A cast sandal is a line item that emergency rooms and urgent care centers love to overcharge for.  A basic cast sandal should cost between $15 and $25.  Don’t go cheap.  A cast sandal will take a lot of abuse.  You want it to last for the entire time the foot cast needs to be worn.


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Protective Cast Boot

November 30, 2012 @ 1:47 am posted by Brace and Support Help

Cast Boot

Are you hopping around with a plaster cast on your foot and ankle?  A cast boot like the one pictured above is designed to make your life a little easier.  Strap this cast boot on your cast to make walking outdoors easier, protect your floors, and protect your foot.

Whatever the cause of your foot pain, your doctor decided to immobilize your foot and ankle.  Your recovery can be made a little easier with a protective cast boot.

Th unique bungee closure system built into this boot make it easy to slip on and take off.

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