Warm and Form Back Supports

September 29, 2015 @ 1:47 pm posted by Brace and Support Help
Warm and Form Back Support

Warm and Form Back Support

Warm and Form Back Braces have two parts.  This first part is an elastic back belt with straps that provide compression.  The second is a thermo-formable insert.  The insert is warmed and then formed to the lower lumbar area of the person who is going to be wearing the back brace.  The inserts need to be molded by a credentialed medical professional.

So the idea is that the belt provides compression and the custom molded insert provides support and protection.  The downside of a “warm and form” back brace is that once the insert is molded it can not be altered.  So if a patient gains or loses weight, or if their condition gets better or worse, the insert may become uncomfortable or counter productive.

Warm and Form back braces were a big deal twenty years ago.  But back brace technology has come so far, so fast, that most health insurance plans no longer cover them.  And that’s because there’s better alternatives.  These back braces do not have to be “warmed and formed”  because they are designed from panels that mold exactly where they need to go every time the back brace is tightened.  Warm and Form Alternative lumbar support.



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