Pediatric Wrist Braces

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Pediatric Wrist Brace


Sometimes kids play rough, sometimes they fall, sometimes they twist and contort in unimaginable ways.  Sometimes they hurt their wrists.  Don’t worry, they get better.  But while they are on the mend a wrist brace can help provide support and comfort to a sensitive wrist.

A wrist brace will limit the motion of the wrist joint and also provide a reminder to take it easy.  You can order a sized or a universal product.  Children who need wrist braces should be fit with products designed for children not “adult extra small” sizes.  A pediatric wrist brace will be easy for a child to wear, easy to clean, and comfortable.

Keep in mind that the wrist brace will get into whatever your kid gets into.  So remember to wash it regularly.  Wash it in the sink with a mild detergent and let it air dry.

Learn more about pediatric wrist braces:  click here.

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to stock pediatric wrist braces in your office, please contact Heritage Medical Equipment.  We can set up an account with the manufacturers for your facility, and get you terms and discounts.

Heritage Medical Equipment customer service:  800-762-9605


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  1. Drew says:

    Great Article! Looking to buy a new wrist brace for your family or friend? DO NOT use Vantelin Supports!

    I had a horrible experience with this product! Cheap materials. Horible customer service. Stay far away from Vantelin Supports!

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